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Dec 4, 2013

Body Sculpting: Day 2 - Breakfast

Deep inhale...Ahhhh. Another day, and another chance to get it right. Got started at 7:30 am, which is a late start for many. I was still able to get my 5 minute work out in and get some nutritious food in my stomach before 10am.

The first thing I had was a few sips of Juice Hugger Ginger Embrace. The goji berries give me a nice antioxidant kick along with the cleansing ginger juice and a dash of cayenne pepper to wake those chest hairs up! I followed that with a tables spoon of black seed powder and about 16oz of water. That's just how "I" roll! *points to self with 2 thumbs*


This is probably the best series of ab exercises I've ever seen put together in an easy to follow format. I don't think I would record a demo in my drawers, but this brotha did a good job breaking it down.  As long as your comfortable viewing a man give you work out tips in his underwear you'll be just fine.

Note: I began my first day with 7 reps for each exercise. Today I went to 10 each. 10 is pretty challenging. There are about 8 exercises in all so we're talking about 80 reps in 5 mins.

The trick is that before the abs can become exhausted you switch to another exercise.  Pretty clever. You can thank the men and women of the Marines for this one.

Dec 3, 2013

Body Sculpting: Dinner

Ok, so I didn't quite have dinner per se'. I worked most of the day like many of us do and didn't have a full meal for dinner. For those of you following along this might be a bit frustrating.

Having the unfair advantage of owning a restaurant and having to do prep work for the week, I have healthy foods to snack on. So I had some more grapes, a few slices of cucumber, some snap pea crisps, a cucumber Glo and lots of water with lemon. To be honest I could eat just because I like food, but I'm not hungry.  More thirsty than anythjng.

I'll try to be more susinct tomorrow. Either way. All eating for me stops by 8:30 if I can help it. And if I am going to eat past 9 or 10pm I'm sure to have plenty of water to drink before bed.