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Dec 4, 2013

Body Sculpting: Day 2 - Breakfast

Deep inhale...Ahhhh. Another day, and another chance to get it right. Got started at 7:30 am, which is a late start for many. I was still able to get my 5 minute work out in and get some nutritious food in my stomach before 10am.

The first thing I had was a few sips of Juice Hugger Ginger Embrace. The goji berries give me a nice antioxidant kick along with the cleansing ginger juice and a dash of cayenne pepper to wake those chest hairs up! I followed that with a tables spoon of black seed powder and about 16oz of water. That's just how "I" roll! *points to self with 2 thumbs*


This is probably the best series of ab exercises I've ever seen put together in an easy to follow format. I don't think I would record a demo in my drawers, but this brotha did a good job breaking it down.  As long as your comfortable viewing a man give you work out tips in his underwear you'll be just fine.

Note: I began my first day with 7 reps for each exercise. Today I went to 10 each. 10 is pretty challenging. There are about 8 exercises in all so we're talking about 80 reps in 5 mins.

The trick is that before the abs can become exhausted you switch to another exercise.  Pretty clever. You can thank the men and women of the Marines for this one.

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